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Liberal Apostasy

Liberal Apostasy

“There can be only one.”-Highlander

According to TheReligionofPeace.com there have been approximately 31,000 violent terror attacks carried out in the name of Islam since 9/11. That the religion of peace, which divides the world into two categories—Dar al-Islam (the land of Islam) and Dar al-Harb (the land of conflict)—has been welcomed into the West with open arms since that tragic day sixteen years ago must reflect some kind of mental illness on our part. Why would you increase immigration from a population group that wants your destruction? Islam literally means submission, and the West seems hell-bent on making sure that’s just what’s going to happen. Luton, England; Molenbeek, Belgium; Marseilles, France; Malmo, Sweden; Dearborn, Michigan—they’re all part of the dawa, lands occupied by Muslims engaged in “terraforming,” but not yet brought into the caliphate. We’ve allowed this to happen, for the tumors to metastasize within our own borders, and the mainstream media and politicians almost exclusively turn a blind eye.

For its part, the Left appears wholly committed to protecting Muslims as their latest pet project (move over blacks!), along with illegal aliens and the transgender community—you know, the one that would not having a single living member if Islamic fundamentalists had their way! It ties into this ridiculous idea of intersectionality—that the more different minority groups you identify with, the more you are perceived to be a victim of oppression. Most Muslims are brown, they have strange ways and those “authentic” hijabs and big beards, and obviously they’re predominantly non-Western and decidedly non-Christian. They also have many of the same enemies as the Left. It’s the perfect storm.

What the Left is either unaware of or willfully ignoring is that the importation of large amounts of Muslims committed to the project of eventually converting these lands to the Dar al-Islam would ultimately entail the implementation of sharia law once there is a plurality of fundamentalist Muslims. Under sharia law, women are treated like chattel, Jews and Christians are considered on par with excrement, and gays are hurled unceremoniously off rooftops. Stonings, whippings, and beatings are all commonplace. For all the online success of songs like “Cover Girl” and “Wrap My Hijab” extolling the “empowering” virtues of the hijab, consumers have been fooled by the taqiyya, the deception. These songs are a means to an end, the soundtrack to the implementation of sharia law. Additionally, in strict sharia, such as in Afghanistan, the light of the sun cannot even touch a woman’s face. This is what the Left is fetishizing and enabling at every possible turn, and it is an absolute disgrace. I believe these people deserve every fresh hell that comes their way, but unfortunately that would mean the West has truly failed, and many innocent people will have been raped, murdered, and effectively enslaved on the way to a global caliphate, so as much as I’d love these hypocrites to reap what they seem so desperate to sow, I’d rather my civilization remain intact. 

Thankfully not all liberals are eager to sign away their freedoms to live under the oppressive yoke of sharia. Though I may disagree with them on most points, it is refreshing to hear staunch liberals like Bill “House Nigger” Maher and Sam Harris speak out against this toxic ideology and correctly identify that it is not a religion of peace, that it is in fact possessed by a sizeable minority that can best be described as an ecstatic death cult (such as ISIS). What’s more, what may be a majority of global Muslims provide material support and/or aid to terrorists, and apply cultural pressure for the implementation of fundamentalist Islam as dictated by sharia.

They are aided in Western countries by Leftists who are complicit in the jihad by shielding this abhorrent doctrine from public debate and scrutiny; their crusade, if you’ll pardon the pun, to make sure there is no backlash against Islam (which never materializes) after the weekly terrorist attack should mystify any sane mind, and again, thankfully many liberals are joining the cause to finally call a spade a spade. Rihanna can tweet in “protest” against the “Muslim ban” and go back to bleaching her skin, and Lindsay “Freaky Friday” Lohan can wear her hijab or whatever the hell she’s doing, but those of us on the ground floor are feeling the pressure in significant ways, and it’s even worse for public figures who might raise any concerns at all, let alone question the sanity of the whole enterprise.

Many of the Bengali bloggers who dared call attention to the state of Islamic fundamentalism in their country were included on what amounted to a hit list and were hacked to pieces in the streets with machetes. British Muslim reformer and Quilliam founder Maajid Nawaz has been put on what is essentially the same kind of list—the “Anti-Muslim Extremist Field Guide”—by the Southern Poverty Law Center (bankrolled in part by George Soros) for his views on his own religion, and the SPLC included other familiar names like Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, and Brigitte Gabriel. Almost every name on that list has either survived an attack by Islamists or sympathizers, or has been forced to make radical lifestyle changes to avoid being killed, such as employing personal armed guards, “going underground,” or even moving to a different country. Olivie Žižková, a Czech singer, recently produced a music video critical of Islam and quickly found herself the target of international “outrage” (there was less of one in her home country—I’ve got an upcoming piece on this).

The crime of all crimes, apostasy, the act of leaving the Islamic faith, is punishable by death under sharia. Under radical Leftism, it is social and financial suicide, and it may well result in death at the rate they’re going. If they’ll poison the opposition, as was the case with Robert Spencer in Iceland after a speaking engagement, they’ll surely extend the same courtesy to progressive “traitors.” That should be a harrowing thought to anyone reading this. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, perhaps the greatest living human rights hero, is guilty of both kinds of apostasy, called out by name in a note left on Theo Van Gogh’s corpse and targeted by the Left as a hate-monger and, shudder, “Islamophobe.” In reality, she remains a classical liberal committed to Western values, and it’s the Left that’s actually become illiberal. If anything, they are the ones who’ve abandoned her. As Dave Rubin and others have opined, “I didn’t leave the Left, the Left left me.” These liberals have renounced the Left’s secular theocratic perversion of liberalism with their classically liberal values intact. In the United States, the Leftist hijacking of the Democratic Party has turned it into the American equivalent of the Taliban.

I can’t think of a woman who more completely embodies everything feminists should vaunt in Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and yet she is viciously attacked by the Left. Linda Sarsour, sharia supporter and organizer of several major women’s marches, knowing full well Ali was a victim of female genital mutilation as a child in Somalia, decreed on Twitter that Ali and Brigitte Gabriel are [sic], “Asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.” Democrat Joss Whedon conflated the Chechen slaughter of its homosexual population with fears the Trump administration will do the same (notice the bait-and-switch from hard-line Islam to the democratically-elected Donald Trump and his appointees in a Christian nation), then stated on Twitter [sic], “Violence solves nothing. I want a rhino to f*ck @SpeakerRyan to death with its horn because it’s FUNNY, not because he’s a #GOPmurderbro.” I don’t like Ryan either, but this is a bit excessive.

I guess the religion of peace and the party of tolerance and inclusiveness really do deserve each other. These two ideologies are leeching from Western energies and vibrancy and living off the accumulated cultural capital of the West in material comfort while exploiting our societies’ pervasive sense of defeatism to claim swaths of rhetorical real estate. There’s a sort of anti-intellectual apartheid going on the West, where Islam and the Left are working in tandem to close off all kinds of areas of conversation and even inquiry. This is having a corrosive effect on our discourse, and with every terrorist attack and every protest, the collusion becomes ever more pronounced. Islam and the Left are thick as thieves, and thievery of our nations is just what they have in mind.

At first I thought some of these similarities were merely coincidences, but it soon became glaringly obvious to me that Islam and the Left are employing many of the same strategies to further their agendas. They believe the ends justify the means. They engage in deception, censorship, and outright fabrication in order to advance their cause. Islam, of course, is more opportunistic, sensing the cracks in Western armor and widening them, wearing the sheep’s clothing of the Left in order to manipulate the public. Many rank-and-file Leftists are legitimately being duped by the Islam-as-a-religion-of-peace racket in much the same way they’ve been used as pawns by the power brokers in their own movement; to what degree there is conscious collaboration by the Left and organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood I’m not sure, but I would love to find out.

We do know their goals are much the same—the destruction of the white Christian cis-het patriarchy—so they make for useful bedfellows. If and when success is achieved, however, you best believe the so-called feminists will be in burqas or body bags right quick, and the kafir cucks will be paying their poll tax, more castrated than they already are (if that’s possible). The dour, humorless imams (according to the Ayatollah Khomeini, there are no jokes in Islam) and the dour, humorless Gender and Ethnic Studies professors (according to Susan Sontag, there are no jokes in liberalism…okay, I made that one up) call for an end to the so-called Palestinian genocide, the first genocide in history where the population’s actually increased, and have their sights set on the destruction of Israel, the one truly democratic state in the entire Middle East.

Leftists are the first ones to scream about the Muslim refugees from the Syrian crisis (most of whom are young, male economic migrants, not refugees, and don’t even hail from Syria), but there’s been nary a word even whispered about the Christians being persecuted, killed, and driven from the lands they’ve inhabited for millennia. Boko Haram is busy decapitating Christians in Nigeria and the Muslim Brotherhood is focused on eradicating the Coptics from Egypt, and no one responds. A refugee, just so we’re clear, “has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group,” according to the United Nations. Refugee/asylum status is therefore, by definition, discriminatory. It has to be, in order to determine both whether someone is genuinely at risk of persecution in their home country, and whether or not the individual(s) in question might pose a security threat if admitted to or allowed to remain in the host country. The national security aspect forms the basis of President Trump’s waylaid executive “travel bans.” 

When Iranian motion picture The Salesman won Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, the film’s director, Asghar Farhadi, was not present to accept the award as he had boycotted the ceremony in protest of President Trump’s “Muslim ban” (at that time it was Executive Order 13769, which, with certain exceptions, temporarily suspended entry by nationals of failed states Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan, plus Iran, and indefinitely suspended entry by Syrian nationals), characterizing it as “inhumane.” He was, naturally, praised by Iran’s Foreign Minister and lauded by the Left, but what those of us who actually care about our national security realize is that you cannot properly vet someone from a failed state because a failed state has no functional government. Iran, while not a failed state, is certainly not concerned with America’s well-being. 

Both Leftism and Islam are ideologies infused with the notion of dualism. For Islam, it is the conflicting Meccan and Medinan philosophies of Muhammad where through abrogation (the later passage is taken to be more correct than the earlier one, but they are both considered “true”) present-day Islamic fundamentalists engaged in the taqiyya (the deception of non-Muslims in order to advance the jihad) or tawriya (the creation of a false impression) intentionally use the Meccan passages of the Koran and the Sunnah, which are the peaceful passages, to advance the idea of Islam as a religion of peace, since technically these passages are “true” (just less “true”). For the Left, it is the paradox of absolute meaning and meaninglessness at the heart of language.

The current situation with the Civil War monuments in Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, and other states is yet another manifestation of the Leftist commitment to historical revisionism. Both the Left and Islam believe it is their moral prerogative to remove or detonate monuments that are not ideologically compliant. It is the conscious practice of attempting to control the narrative and erase aspects of the past that do not conform to, or are perceived to be antithetical to, their worldview. Islamic fundamentalists have done this every time they annex new territory—Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, the list goes on. Ancient monuments and temples are obliterated in the name of Islam, completely erased from the landscape. Everywhere you look it’s Year Zero.

Leftism and fundamentalist Islam, which is inextricable from political Islam, are top-down ideologies that seek to impose their worldviews on the populace they govern, from policy to sexuality to food choice. The leaders of the Left and the leaders of the growing caliphate are almost indistinguishable from each other at this point. Huma Abedin, Queen Hillary’s aid, has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hillary Clinton herself (okay, the “Clinton Foundation”) has taken huge sums of money from countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia—two of the biggest exporters of Wahhabism, identified by the European Parliament (in a rare moment of having their heads out of their asses) as the chief international source of terrorism. Bernie Sanders, another of the Leftist Troika, “stands with Linda”—Sarsour, the aforementioned ghastly human being and taqiyya dispenser. And Barack Obama, well, let’s just say the Iranian nuclear deal was the tip of the iceberg.

The parallels get even more disturbing. The Left is trying to normalize pedophilia; Islam’s prophet was a pedophile. The Left approves of hormonal treatments for children as young as three, and advocates that gender reassignment procedures for underage children are not only perfectly reasonable, but are indeed the responsible thing to do. Islam is very similar in that fundamentalist practitioners have no qualms about using surgical procedures to alter the genitalia of underage children as well in the form female genital mutilation, and in Iran, the state sanctions sex changes in order to allow for marriages that are not “gay.” The Left is as you might imagine equal opportunity in its interference with biological processes and the “modification” of genitalia.

Several months ago, comedienne Kathy Griffin caused a ruckus on social media by posing with a simulacrum of Donald Trump’s severed head, ISIS-style, though the controversy went largely unreported by the mainstream media outside of FOX News. Her employer CNN remained curiously silent about the incident before finally caving to pressure to fire her, but the firing felt token, as their initial silence was, if you’ll pardon the cliché, deafening. Put the shoe on the other foot for a second—imagine if some conservative comedienne (if they exist) posed with a simulacrum of Barack Obama’s severed head, drenched in fake blood. Could you imagine the mainstream outcry? When I say the Left isn’t intellectually honest, this is exactly what I’m talking about; what’s more, under an Islamic state, many on the Left would be the first to go, their heads a prop in the latest ISIS YouTube video. This image of Kathy Griffin, more than any other, shows in stark relief that Leftism and Islam have become indistinguishable in their motivations, united in a craven desire to destroy the Western world by any means necessary in order to rule from the ashes.

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