Prepare your anus, you’re about to get a red pill suppository.

First World Caliphate

First World Caliphate

“I saw a little girl...she had no legs. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts.”-Chris Parker, witness to the Manchester Arena attack in May

“The fundamental question of our time is does the West have the will to survive?”-President Donald Trump

Has the reality set in yet? Do you finally get it? Which daily attack would it take to wake you up: twenty-two young people, children even, one only eight years old, shredded and torn apart by a homemade nail bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England? The two beautiful young French cousins in Marseilles? The shooting in Fresno? The hostage situation in Melbourne? Five people run over and killed by an Uzbek man inspired by ISIS in Stockholm? Thirty-nine dead in an Istanbul nightclub shooting on New Year’s Eve? Any of the six attacks in Paris? All of the attacks I’ve listed are from this year alone; almost six thousand people have been killed by Islamic terror in 2017.

Is it too much to ask for the young to be young, for people to live free of fear, to not have to pay for the mistakes of the childless leaders of Europe who don’t seem to care the future of their civilization is going down the toilet? These leaders turn a blind eye to the suffering of their own people but embrace jihadis with open arms, throwing away centuries, millennia even, of progress, buried now under weak, feckless, pathetic appeals to tolerance. This isn’t liberalism, it’s suicide. It's time to grow up, you infants. The planet isn’t your kindergarten class and the so-called virtues you’re so damn smug about are getting people killed. You may not have children, but your rainbow worldview is pathetically infantile.

To all the dyed-in-the-wool Leftists: your moral preening and your Coexist bumper stickers and your empty slogans aren’t going to bring these people back to life. You’ll change your avatars and pat yourselves on the back and continue to welcome as many of these people onto your shores as you can, but just know that you are also responsible, either from an utter and complete lack of comprehension or something even worse: willful ignorance. There’s no coming back from that one. You looked the problem straight in the face and you turned away because you couldn’t bear it. No, instead, it’s the white male patriarchy! It was the Crusades! Anyone or anything other than the teeming Islamic hordes flooding the West with only one goal. You cannot wash the blood from your hands but you can, evidently, cut off your nose to spite your face.

Is Trump’s executive order more “inhumane” than someone’s son or daughter with “holes in their backs,” maimed beyond recognition? Is this your multi-cultural utopia where we all get to hold hands with pedophilic imams and their child brides? Where we let our girls and women get violated by roving gangs of subnormal in-breds? Where you spout your one-in-four campus rape statistics while the beards with no brains target and assault young Western women specifically because of their skin color and religion? Where we turn a blind eye to gay-bashing and anti-Semitism simply because it is narratively inconvenient?

Barack Obama spent nearly a decade unwilling to even name the problem, and now I want to pull the word from his throat. Say it, you coward: Islam. Political Islam, fundamentalist Islam, having been subsumed by the most virulent, regressive strain of the faith emanating from the Arabian Peninsula, has been allowed to fester and grow, aided and abetted by Obama; handed the keys to the kingdom, the Islamic death cult is now a global pandemic. Barack Obama authorized unilateral action against Egypt and Libya, making the same mistake George W. Bush did in Iraq with Saddam Hussein by removing the Mubarak and Gaddafi lids on militant Islam, and he lied about it, time and again, to the American people (with assistance from Hillary Clinton of course). He hamstrung the Turkish military, the last defense of the Kemalists against Islamic fundamentalism, betrayed Israel, and allowed Islamic terror to spread unchecked, cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood while trying to cut the legs out from under the American military.

The Left has basically turned Islam into Candyman. With the bodies in Barcelona still warm, most of the mainstream media rushed to ascribe motive to anything but The Religion of Peace, most notably Wolf Blitzer, who twisted himself into a pretzel to somehow attach Barcelona to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is your bog standard, mainstream “woke” take. We all know illiterate Moroccans avidly follow CNN’s news coverage and hang on their every word, but Blitzer may have over-played his hand. Then again, maybe not. ABC News bracketed the word “terrorists” with quotation marks in their headline of the attack online. When two people were knifed to death as the Moroccan perpetrator cried “Allahu Akbar!” in Turku, Finland the following day, Finnish police were initially not calling it a terrorist attack, but it also wasn’t “ruled out.” As the death toll in Europe from violent Islamic acts approaches five hundred over the last three years alone, not to mention the scores of maimed and injured who will never live normally again, and the untold thousands, possibly millions, gang raped, sexually assaulted, and even branded, the pressure from “above” that IT’S NOT ABOUT ISLAM only intensifies, because apparently to speak its name would summon the Mohammadan Candyman. The problem with that logic, of course, is that Candyman’s already here, proving himself to be no mere urban legend.

The official line on Islam holds that after every self-detonation and every lorry that slams into a crowd of people, we’ve got to send out our thoughts and prayers while simultaneously staring into the ether and asking, “How could this have happened?” completely dumbfounded. We’ve also got to fret over the supposedly inevitable Muslim back-lash. The events in Charlottesville are somehow proof positive that all conservatives are violent bigots, yet nine hundred-plus terrorist attacks so far this year by Allah’s faithful, and it’s #NotAllMuslims. It’s a strange distortion of reality we’re living in. #NotAllMuslims is self-explanatory and completely unhelpful when we’re trying to identify and critique a deadly ideology. We know it’s not all Muslims, but the religion itself is a corrupted, violent entity, and a majority espouse its regressive views; worse still, increasing numbers of young Muslims are becoming radicalized and motivated to commit violence and terror. These are the ones who have willingly embraced this barbarism, and are committed to the death. The Mohammedan project has always been inherently political, often violently so, but its current iteration under Wahhabi auspices is particularly gruesome, and it’s re-shaping Islam across the globe in its image. That image, incidentally, is closer to the original source of Islam, and hence its reforms of the last two hundred years or so have not moved the religion away from its violent, draconian impulses, but toward them. The Muslims we characterize as reformers are either from the small peaceful sect of Ahmadiyya Muslims, or they are committed to the project of peaceable abrogation, essentially trying to reverse 1,400 years of Islamic jurisprudence. Good luck with that. Mass immigration from the Muslim world has brought nothing but regression and carnage to the West, and it needs to end now. There must be a new paradigm, and it must also address the proliferation of homegrown terror incubated in the Saudi- and Qatari-financed mosques.

Meanwhile I get a mass e-mail from Uber saying they “stand up against hate, racism, blah, blah, blah.” All the buzzwords. I can’t think of a weaker and emptier gesture, this corporatizing of compassion, basically just Democrat virtue signaling gone private sector. These things are all inter-connected. It’s the state of affairs for a Western world that’s passed out from the pain mid-way through hacking its own balls off with a kitchen knife. This trend-hopping fecklessness is quite easy to ignore, but what’s really distressing is that the politicization of the corporate world is becoming commonplace, with some businesses going out of their way to alienate much or even most of their potential customer base, as in the recent case of the Camping World CEO telling Trump supporters to shop elsewhere. From a strictly financial standpoint, that is a colossally stupid statement. How many yuppies from Boston and San Francisco are actually going camping? Their idea of “the country” is Wellesley or Sausalito. It’s a joke and it’s going to murder sales, but the murder of innocent people by ignoring the fervent Islamic death cult is something we’ll “just have to live with” apparently.

All empirical data suggests that there’s a significant problem across the Muslim world, pretty much irrespective of race and region. The religion of Islam has contributed embarrassingly little to the world’s intellectual and artistic growth (in fact it’s actively tried to suppress and even erase anything outside the purview of three badly-written and contradictory books), yet the West feels compelled to prostrate itself before people whose cultures are, generally speaking, impoverished in just about every sense. I wonder what all of the PhDs from the Middle East and Africa coming ashore in Spain, Italy, and Greece have to say on the matter. The fact remains that this is a medieval ideology that’s perversely attained a kind of weird, exalted status in the West to the point that it’s positioned by the Left as beyond any and all criticism.

Islam is the most known unknown. It’s the first thing on everyone’s minds after a terrorist attack and it’s the last thing the politicians and pundits would ever address, if it were to be addressed at all. Simply calling a spade a spade seems to have the intelligentsia so terrified they’ve become paralyzed with fear. Pepe the Frog and the twelve Neo-Nazis (half of whom are probably Feds) on some message board are endlessly obsessed over, but far more pressing issues such as unenforced borders, the radicalization of large swathes of the population, and daily attacks under the banner of Islam are rendered unsayable. Instead, One World bromides stand in for public debate and discourse, and border protection and proper vetting procedures are not done because that would be “discriminatory.” The resultant preventative measures such as increased security at concerts and other events, protective barriers, and bollards are drops in the ocean of the larger problem of an open national border. They do nothing to stop the terrorists and do much to disrupt the normal flow of life and foster a culture of suspicion and fear. The proliferation of hate speech and blasphemy laws are all aimed in one direction and have the effect of keeping the populace cowed and silenced. The difference between what is and is not being policed is profound in its incongruence. What’s being allowed to happen in/to much of the Western world defies all logic and it should raise suspicions about what the ultimate aim of the so-called elites is.

Contrast this state of affairs with a First World nation that’s having no such issues. The United Nations has frequently tried to pressure Japan into accepting Muslim “refugees,” which they’ve largely resisted. In 2016, Japan admitted just twenty-eight of what Miyu Suzuki dubbed “Fake Refugees,” and in December of that year, two of them—both Turkish nationals—were already arrested for raping and robbing a woman in a public toilet. It’s obviously in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation arm of the UN’s best interests to see that the spread of the religion worldwide encounters minimal impediments, and thus in this context they are attempting to resort to other means to push migrants through Japan’s stringent immigration policies. They have no such issue with the West and its multi-culti mania.

The United Nations is a complete farce and should not be taken seriously as an international governing body. While the fifty-seven country OIC passes resolution after resolution against Israel for the only population-expanding genocide in history (and while UN funds continue to find their way into to Hamas’s coffers), they appoint Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tajikistan, and Qatar to the Commission on the Status of Women, an entity designed to “promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.” I wasn’t aware an article in your constitution stating women must always obey their husbands, such as Article 58 in the Qatari constitution, was “empowering,” or women being unable to make any decision of consequence without male permission as in Saudi Arabia represented a great step forward for gender equality. I also didn’t realize being stoned to death for adultery as in Iran or being shamed into silence about the rampant domestic abuse as in Tajikistan made a nation qualified to weigh in on women’s rights (unless it’s to advocate for stripping them).

Yet we’re expected to carry on as though all of this makes perfect sense. It’s relativism at its finest, with a “social justice” cherry on top. The globalist ruling class and the long arm of the EU, the UN, the media, the multi-nationals—all are aligned against the common people watching their way of life decimated by destructive, negligent globalist policies. The Leftists on the ground are deluded or willfully ignorant pawns in a nefarious game that would see our way of life destroyed. The multi-cultural zeal and mania is matched in intensity and irrationality only by its beneficiary Islam; meanwhile under the sunny rainbow flag of diversity the bodies keep piling up. Don’t say that out loud, though.

We are at war for the soul of the West, and if the unending string of atrocities and the subsequent flood of oh-so-predictable Islamic apologism from the Left hasn’t made that clear, you are beyond hope. Excuses and cheap sentiments mean nothing. The spineless leaders who brought this poison home have attacked and silenced, often with legal ramifications, any opposition to these mass migration policies; they’ve tried to crush anyone who has rightly questioned how compatible a primitive ideology that belongs in the seventh century is with Western democracies or American republicanism, and they’ve been shielded at every turn by their gutless sycophants. The Left, in their lethal combination of ignorance, cowardice, and malevolence, has helped animate the most backward and destructive elements of an ideology that belongs in the graveyard of history. Sadly, for much of the Western world, that’s where they’re headed instead if things don’t change, and soon.

“Someone beat me to the line ignorance is bliss, so I guess I’ll just say it how it is: You had it all, you fucking pigs.”-Architects, “These Colours Don’t Run”


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