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Taking Alex Jones Metaphorically + The Trumpian Rorschach Test Continued

Taking Alex Jones Metaphorically + The Trumpian Rorschach Test Continued

“Clearly, from the eugenicist/globalist view…they [globalists] want to encourage the breakdown of the family, because the family is where people owe their allegiance. That’s why they want to get rid of God…because they want the state to be God. And so they are taking the rights of an ancient, unified program of marriage and they are breaking it. So it’s a major revolution, and they’re destroying the dictionary and the definition. And now they’re on television in the U.S. saying, by the way, now your kids belong to the state…It is an aggressive recruiting effort. It is being shoved on five-year-old school students in the United States. Five-year-olds shouldn’t be taught about heterosexual sex or homosexual sex or anything else. So it’s the state promoting pedophilia, because they’re a bunch of pedophiles. I mean, look at all the pedophile scandals. I mean, it’s pedophile scandals in the BBC, in the government, in the churches. Not because there’s a lot of pedophiles, but because it’s a guild, it’s a cult of pedophiles trying to take everything over. That’s it. They’re on the side of the devil.”-Alex Jones

“Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion, cloud the issue, and inoculate voters against any evidence of your guilt.”-Saul Alinsky

Info Wars founder Alex Jones is known for his outrageous claims and his bravura, careening from the infamous lizard people to a surprising amount of legitimate journalism. Jones was really one of the original, and perhaps most successful, alternative news sources, going back decades to his talk radio presence in Austin, Texas and syndicated points beyond. Any vanguard is naturally going to command the bulk of enemy fire, so to speak, and when you have the following Jones and Info Wars do as an alternative to the mainstream media, they become a useful foil for those major networks who will take much of what Jones does and says out of context to serve as a counter-point to their purported professionalism. The “Fake News” meme has gone viral, repeated even by the President of the United States in reference, ironically, to the mainstream media, and the pull Jones has on what the Left likes to characterize as the Fever Swamp is unquestioned.

The Fever Swamp is portrayed as this delirious mostly online community where the MAGA guys and the White Nationalists and a host of other so-called right-wing extremists gather, plot, and feed off of each other’s wildest conspiratorial fantasies. Info Wars is often portrayed as the locus for much of this conspiracy theory dissemination. Once again, much of what the mainstream dismisses as conspiracy has been accurately identified and covered by outlets such as Info Wars, but beyond that, where the dullards in the mainstream media and at the Southern Poverty Law Center and other Leftist appendages go wrong, is they ironically can’t seem to differentiate between message and execution (alternatively, and just as plausibly, they are doing this intentionally). This just goes with the territory, but “critics” are unable to move past what Jones calls his “performance art.” This would also include the obvious trolling and persona-building. Incidentally, they have the same inability to understand or process President Trump’s brilliant execution of media manipulation. I won’t spend too much time on Trump’s unique skill set here (Scott Adams is the obvious authority on this), but the methods Jones and Trump employ are similar, though Jones of course is able to push the envelope much further given the two men’s positions.

The logic is the same, though. You can divide each man’s public positions and rhetoric into two categories: factual conveyance and “truthful hyperbole” (to borrow Trump’s phrase). Factual conveyance is straightforward, but the mainstream media ignores the “inconvenient truth” that Jones and Info Wars report on a great number of issues and produce legitimate journalism on important topics that are typically neglected in mainstream discourse. They have a strong, real-world basis and despite the lack of more visible media attention on these topics, they are no less legitimate. The mainstream media in general likes to characterize the latter kinds of statements, the “truthful hyperbole,” as refutable absurdities. They are very obviously just clutter not meant to be taken seriously, and as such are easily discarded. The usual suspects weigh in, like CNN contributor Richard Wooley: “Why are people talking about collusion, impeachment, obstruction of justice and treason when it is crystal clear that Donald Trump Jr. was simply fulfilling his patriotic duty to catch Russian spies?” Oldest trick in the book: pithily dismiss this “real” news as a way to re-focus attention on the “serious implications” of said news, re-orienting the discussion away from the very real collusion involving the Democrat Party, and back on to the convoluted nonsense involving an Azerbaijani pop video cameo in 2013 by President Trump, singer Emil Agalarov’s lawyer’s ties to the Trump family, and an alleged meeting between the president’s eldest son and a Russian lawyer introduced via Agalarov’s lawyer with “inside dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The whole thing is a complete farce, and yet it was pushed as evidence of “collusion” between President Trump and Russia.

Meanwhile, very real news like the WikiLeaks e-mails and a decade-old story about Hollywood producer cum sexual predator Harvey Weinstein sits like an anvil on the desks at the New York Times and other (to borrow the great pun from Andrew Klavan) former newspapers. But Russia “hacked the election!” All evidence points to voter fraud on behalf of the Democrats, actually, and the only digital Russian interference that’s been substantiated was in the form of pro-Clinton ads generated on Facebook via Russian IP addresses. Hmmm… Hey, what about that deal where Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer of $145 million dollars-worth of uranium to the Russians? Or the fact that the Obama administration was actively spying on and unmasking members of the Trump campaign for well over a year prior to (and in the transition period after) the election?

Was Alex Jones right about Barack Obama being a Lizard Person? Well, he certainly behaves like a snake. What about the Democrats being the party of pedophiles and sexual deviants? That one’s way too easy: Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Carl Stanley McGee, Dan Sutton, Bill Clinton, Mel Reynolds, Ed Murray, Jacob Schwartz, Bob Mendez, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Lacey, James Larkin, Terrence Bean, John Young, Allan Howe, Rodney Mullins, David Scondras, Bernard Vincent Ward, Charles Rust-Tierney, Fred Richmond, Robert Bauman, Gerry Studds, Scott W. Ballo, Roy Price, Richard Keenan, Brian Doyle, Neil Goldschmidt, Andrew Douglas Reed, Dale Kildee, William Kennedy Smith, Daniel Inouye, Brock Adams, Jim Bates, Gus Savage, Barney Frank, Ron Wyden, Harry Reid, Bryan Singer, Marc Collins-Rector, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and the list goes on. To quote the legendary Mark Steyn:

Like his penis, Weinstein’s moral compass is pointing due north, even as Hollywood’s output heads south. “Compassion?” Let us agree that Hollywood bigshots have “compassion” for people in general, for people far away in a big crowd scene on the distant horizon, for people in a we-are-the-world-we-are-the-children sense. But Hollywood bigshots treat people in particular, little people, individuals, like garbage. To Polanski, he was the world, you are the children; now take your kit off and let’s have a “photo shoot.”[1]

Naturally the Left has been trying to normalize pedophilia using, as Allen West points out, the template of the gay rights movement. Everything becomes a moral crusade and a human rights campaign, and yet the Left is also complicit in the facilitation of sex slavery and human trafficking, pedophile rings, and sexual assaults through their open-borders policies, sanctuary cities and states, and tacit support of creeping sharia. Alex Jones wasn’t wrong on the international front, either: don’t forget that former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was responsible for raping dozens of children, and was assisted by government officials and members of the media in covering it up. What’s gone on in the church, the Catholic Church in particular, is just as disturbing, and has thankfully been brought to light. Jones’s epigraph at the top of this article addresses, in part, why the abuses in the Catholic Church were exposed and why other abuses have been largely ignored, as the ultimate aim of the state is to replace the church with its own kind of secular theocracy. Pope Francis is basically just a Leftist mouthpiece, so it’s entirely possible the goal all along was to infiltrate, hollow out, and ultimately control the institution instead of razing it, bringing it into ideological conformity, much as the Left has done elsewhere (the academy, etc.). The Catholic Church is an especially desirable target for two reasons: one, because of its centralized structure, and two, because of its primacy in Italian and Spanish life, two of the major migrant gateways into Europe. Occam’s razor, it could also simply be that, rocked by scandal and caving to external pressure, the Catholic Church is merely doing extended damage control and attempting to “modernize.”

Rewind to May 31st. For six excruciating hours while President Donald Trump slumbered, COVFEFE hung suspended in the digital world’s air, prompting a flurry of speculation and internet sleuthing, but to no avail. The tweet, a complete non sequitor, glaring in its abstruse nature, stood stranded without any clarification: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Fake News began to alight with questions, so many questions—centered primarily, of course, on what this neologism might mean. Linguists were consulted, confusion and consternation ran rampant, extrapolations were made about nuclear codes and President Trump’s suitability for his position if this tweet could remain in existence for six full hours. Mon dieu, what if his account could be hacked? Would the Russians sell out their Manchurian Candidate? Conversely, is it possible Twitter had become President Trump’s latest vehicle for establishing back-channels with the Russians, and that Jared Kushner’s meeting was a red herring (Don Jr.’s hadn’t been brought to light just yet)?

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was, indeed, pressed, the following day: “What is ‘covfefe’?” Responded Spicer, “A small group of people knew exactly what he meant.” Ah, then there was a fixed meaning at play here; a true, absolute meaning of this “covfefe” somewhere just out of reach. Or maybe we should consider the possibility that covfefe had been here all along, the heretofore unacknowledged constant in “constant negative press covfefe,” and all President Trump did was identify its constancy and give it a name. It is a neologism, but whatever it represents was not new; indeed, may be unfathomably ancient.

Covfefe may be conceptualized as something akin to dark matter, the key to the seemingly inexplicable. Currently we cannot quantify it, but theoretically we can conceive of its existence and incorporate it into a working model; behind, or perhaps beyond, the small percentage of tangible, baryonic matter visible to us, there are forces at work of which we have no way, at present, to begin to measure or bring into a more concrete focus.

Dark matter theoretically makes up most of the universe, and yet it cannot be directly observed and it has no tangible properties. It is made up of WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles, also known as Social Justice Warriors). Said one talking head whose name I can’t remember, “We know they’re covering something up but we don’t know what it is.” That’s Pulitzer Prize-level journalism right there. It is also a resonant, gorgeously-worded sentiment in its naked admission of powerlessness. Donald J. Trump, you see, sold America to Americans. He had a firm grasp of the “invisible voter,” the unseen forces at work underneath the media-generated ersatz America, and he knows, while Fake News flails about in uncomprehending, existential terror.

This isn’t about to be one of those Trump-is-playing-4-D-chess assertions, but I think the idea may not be far off. The fourth dimension is time, and our understanding of it is warped by the very nature of consciousness, that which allows us to situate ourselves as unique, singular beings able not only to process and interact with the three other detectable dimensions, the aforementioned baryonic matter, but to project, to be self-aware and to also consider oneself in relation to the external environment.

According to Space.com (which is a great starting point to learn about space!), in order for the elements of the universe as we know them to be held together, to function as it were, about 80% of the universe must be dark matter. Covfefe opens up new possibilities for those willing to accept that what is visible is, to use the cliché, the tip of the iceberg. Behind all of the campaign smoke-and-mirrors, Hillary Clinton asserts that Macedonian data miners were behind her humiliation, and leveraged their work with the Trump campaign into the installation of Russian operatives, possibly in the form of Steve Bannon. There were forces, dark, sinister, invisible forces (though somehow she knows about them), colluding and conspiring against the Democratic candidate.

And yet, President Trump is the constant target of intelligence leaks, of wire-tapping from Susan Rice and the Obama administration, of attacks attempting to forge a false narrative that his seemingly erratic behavior will spell doom for the world at large, not least of which will be the transgendered community because of global warming. Is this the deep state, the globalists, Alex Jones’s inter-dimensional pedophilic vampires slowly poisoning him, causing him to lose his mind? Who else, outside of the Masonic Order, knows of covfefe? Is Mike Pence one of the “small group” aware of the exact meaning of covfefe? What cookie jars are his devout hands in? Is he a pawn in the globalists’ machinations, or is he simply a good guy with strong principles doing the yeoman’s work of Vice President? We see the hands of the clock move, but the gears remain obscured.

Covfefe—immeasurable, nebulous, hidden. Info Wars has press access to the White House. In the absence of truth, all things are covfefe.


[1] https://www.steynonline.com/8178/do-as-the-romans-do

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