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Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Deck Chairs on the Titanic

The situation in Europe is rapidly becoming untenable. The globalist elites have foisted a mass population transfer on the citizens of their nations who are overwhelmingly opposed to this imposition on their way of life and its immense threat to their safety. Mass Third World immigration statistically brings increased crime and disease, not to mention a population that is often outright hostile toward its host countries. This is even more acute with many in the Muslim population base that is not only completely uninterested in assimilation, but is actually actively working to transform the very fabric of the societies around their communities. Due to what’s at best misguided altruism but is increasingly looking like criminal negligence by Europe’s leaders, the fate of Europe as we know it now hangs in the balance.

The fight to preserve Europe for posterity is everyone in the West’s fight, even the United States, for these are our cultural kin and natural allies. Many of the issues confronting Europe, particularly those of Islam and immigration, are issues all Western nations face; the Western world is infected with the plague of globalism, rotting our societies from the inside out from mass Third World immigration and “borderless” policies that do not filter out undesirable elements or prioritize immigrants by specialty (nor in many cases even consider people in genuine need of asylum) but simply hang a bring neon OPEN sign and prop the door open. Nowhere is this more acute than in a Europe on a potential collision course with a new Dark Age. The fall of Europe would be a grave blow to human progress, and we must fight tooth and nail not to allow this to happen.

The first order of business must be closing the borders to all migrants until (if?) a sensible immigration policy can be established. Then, a stringent refugee policy can be instituted. The current vetting process is virtually non-existent, and less than three percent of all migrants are actual refugees. This enables huge quantities of individuals to pose as refugees and receive massive entitlements from Europe’s over-burdened welfare states. Once the migrants find themselves in a European Union country such as Italy or Greece, they then have free movement throughout the rest of the EU Schengen Area, and it is almost impossible to keep track of where these people are going. This poses a substantial security risk.

Europe has proven more than willing to take in refugees, but from here on out, should only grant asylum as a last resort after the option of temporary re-settlement in areas that are more culturally compatible has been exhausted. It costs one-twelfth as much to relocate someone in the Middle East, for example, than to relocate them in the West, to say nothing of the much greater ease of assimilation. Saudi Arabia has thousands upon thousands of air-conditioned tents sitting unused—perhaps they could take in a few refugees if they’re not too busy exporting Wahhabism? 

It is also vital to note that asylum status need not be permanent, but if it is to be, it should be an option open almost exclusively to those who would actually assimilate and contribute. For those who need temporary asylum, this may also be possible, but, at the risk of sounding completely heartless, the European countries have far more to lose than to gain at this point. Compassion always comes at a cost in cases such as these, and in many cases the cost is outweighed by the benefit, particularly in terms of Islam. The European situation of the last two decades-plus has more than “just” tipped the balance in the opposite direction, it’s upended the scale.

Unless there is a dramatic reformation in Islam, Europe must cease importing people from these countries unless they are persecuted minorities a la the Christians in the Middle East and parts of Africa, or apostates or reformers under immediate threat of harm, but again, a thorough vetting procedure must be instituted in order to ensure these aren’t wolves in sheep’s clothing. As far as those Muslims who are already in Europe, it is crucial to continue to build bridges with men like Maajid Nawaz to facilitate reform and change on Western soil. There is no question this is going to be a tall order, as whatever adjective you want to affix to the regressive strand of Islam—fundamentalist, radical, political—for hundreds of millions of its adherents, the faith and the jihad are inextricable; nothing less than the universal implementation of sharia will do, and only then, after the final battle has been won and there are no more infidels to slay will their brand of Islam be a religion of peace.

Europe simply must stop its capitulation in the face of Islamic demands, both internal and external. As Mark Steyn has said, “The Danish cartoons were a test for the Western world, and we’ve failed”. Instead of asserting what makes the West great in terms of vibrant and vigorous public debate, virtually every major publication across the Western world declined to publish the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons that evoked such international outcry and unrest. That was our chance to give an emphatic middle finger to those who wish to bring us to our knees and silence any and all debate about the so-called Religion of Peace. The Charlie Hebdo incident was just as disgraceful. On just about every count, Europe’s leaders, particularly those in the European Union, have rolled over to Islamic demands, preferring to sacrifice free speech and liberty for “tolerance” toward those that would see them destroyed. The Islamic hard-liners don’t see whatever bizarre dance Europe’s doing as compassion, they see it as weakness. And instead of confronting this poisonous ideology head-on both at home and abroad—to say nothing of the mass importation of yet more Muslims—Europe’s leaders carry on ecstatically self-immolating alongside the jihadi psychopaths.

What’s more, the EU’s threatened economic sanctions on member states such as Poland who refuse migrants, and there have been instances where they’ve forced countries like Bulgaria and Croatia to accept migrants as well, despite substantial public resistance. The social-political tension resulting from such an imposition from unelected bureaucrats on the other side of the continent cannot be understated, nor, however, can each individual nation’s acquiescence to these demands be defended in light of, for example, Poland’s staunch refusal to buckle to EU pressure. Greece, though not absolved of blame for its terribly misguided economic policies, has suffered mightily at the hands of EU tyranny, effectively turning the Mediterranean nation into a Muslim ghetto and German client state, the worst of both worlds, and a portent of things to come for what the EU has to offer its members. Italy and Spain may well be next, and deep fissures are emerging in the continental coalition. Tensions are rising both between nations and between the detached political class and the hundreds of millions of average people who are watching their way of life being stripped away from them without any say whatsoever.

There are several factors playing in to the Euro-self-destruction: demographic decline, a perceived need to enact globalist policies to import cheap labor, and a wholesale commitment to the vagaries of multi-culturalism, but it could also be something even darker in the psyche of many Europeans, a derangement where lives with minimal inconvenience and strife, but no meaning, spawn the perverse impulse to invite pain, suffering, and ultimately oblivion. If, to quote Adorno, “It is barbaric to write poetry after Auschwitz”, is it barbaric to even exist? Perhaps the blood has stained the German national conscious so deeply the stain can never be removed but for the nation itself to cease to exist. A Europe without Germany is scarcely Europe at all, and the specter of the World Wars looms large over a great swath of the rest of the continent’s loss of civilizational confidence and even, it would seem, will to survive—the ultimate irony for post-Christian Europe, facilitating its self-crucifixion.

Is there a way out? It’s possible, but it’s going to require the kind of wherewithal and civilizational confidence I’m not sure much of Europe has anymore, though I sincerely hope I’m wrong. For starters, as stated previously, the migrant tide must be slowed to a trickle or stopped entirely, and only legitimately persecuted persons will be given asylum. As far as economic migrants, unless they offer some kind of specialized skill or hail from a culturally compatible country and can pass extreme vetting procedures, I would say they are S.O.L. The cost is simply too great. If one of the excuses made by the globalists for migrant violence in Europe is a lack of job prospects and opportunity, then why would you continue to pump more and more unassimilable peoples into an environment of deep recession as in France, Greece, Spain, Italy, and others?

Next, I would dissolve the European Union. It’s become a tyrannical entity with a death wish, and it’s going to drag most of the continent down with it. Each nation must decide its own destiny, and each people have a right to self-determination; the Brexit vote was encouraging, and it would be great to see other nations follow suit. Public opinion is staunchly opposed to globalist reverse-colonialism, as well it should be. The confluence of factors, most notably the flood of migrants, is threatening the very existence of Europe as we know it. The continent-wide birth rate is a serious issue, and it is greatly compounded by much of the replacement population bringing values and customs that are antithetical to modernity.

In Eastern Europe, Croats, Slovenes, Bulgarians, and many others are right to continue to resist the imposition of alien populations on them from above, de-stabilizing and possibly even threatening the existence of these nations. Should the EU survive, prospective members such as Serbia and Montenegro will have to grapple with the globalist project as they take steps to potentially enter the European Union. To what degree are they willing to compromise the basic composition of their nations in the face of EU membership? We know the people’s answer, but what of their governments? The demographic situation of the Balkans in particular is very fragile, given the potentially explosive mix of Eastern Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Muslims; the dissolution of Yugoslavia is a chilling reminder of that fact. The V4 (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland) should serve as a great example, policy-wise, of one way forward; granted they don’t have much of a Muslim population due to extenuating historical factors, but the foresight in closing their borders before the situation became a crisis has mitigated much of the potential disaster being witnessed in places like Belgium and Sweden.

Another imposition on the people by their governments is the restriction of free speech in the form of blasphemy and bigotry laws, resulting in potential jail time for any who speak out against Islam (and Judaism, actually). These speech codes need to be rolled back because, in addition to being a gross violation of free speech, they embolden and enable the jihadists. The governments of Europe can and should also take the following steps: assets of known terrorist fronts need to be frozen and potentially seized, Saudi and Qatari funding of mosques and madrasas needs to scrutinized and again, potentially frozen and seized, the boundless entitlements for migrants (indeed, for just about everyone—see Paul Chesapeake’s “From Womb to Tomb”) need to be eliminated as they serve for an incentive for yet more to come—and even fund known terrorists, and all unemployed migrants must be deported immediately. Any migrants in the prison system must also be deported post haste. Disturbingly, there are already sharia courts in countries like Germany and the UK—it should go without saying there is no place for any parallel legal system that applies only to certain people.

It is estimated there are hundreds if not thousands of Islamic State fighters who regularly toggle between the Middle East and their new European digs. If you are discovered to have ties to terror and are not a citizen, the laws of international enemy combatants should apply, and you’ll be detained, questioned, and prosecuted for war crimes. We also know there are many young people, born in Europe, who become radicalized and go to places like Libya to get training from ISIS and/or fight alongside ISIS, and then return. Some of these young men and women are currently known to authorities, and yet they walk free. Their continued presence as free men and women in their home countries is an utter albatross. If you are a known ISIS combatant or are discovered to have left your country of birth to fight alongside or receive training in this or other foreign military outfits, you are waging war against your own nation by assisting its enemies; this constitutes treason, and the penalty is death. No more pathetic five year prison sentences for what are legitimately treasonous acts. Execution of known jihadists and co-conspirators should be the only option. Anything less just advertises European weakness to the world.

Even if Europe takes all these steps, there’s no guarantee it’ll be able to save itself. So much of the continent doesn’t stand for anything of substance; they’ve thrown the Baby Jesus out with the bathwater. Europe’s got to re-discover its fecundity and civilizational confidence, and kick the disease of multi-culturalism and over-weaning big government legislation and entitlements, otherwise it’s much ado about nothing, a struggle for what could be a patch of land basically anywhere and some pretty buildings. Godspeed, Europe.

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