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Rumors and Rumors of Rumors

Rumors and Rumors of Rumors

The mainstream media is collapsing upon itself under the sheer volume of obfuscations and lies that can no longer be supported by a foundation that’s been cracking for some time now. With the advent of alternative media sources and fueled by the unprecedented flow of information in the Internet Age, the networks’ ability to control the narrative is breaking down. The Left has always been more concerned with narrative over facts, and taking control of the media as a powerful tool for propaganda is obviously nothing new. It’s taken many forms in many places, not least of which was in the Soviet Union, who’s Pravda (“truth” in Russian) was the official broadsheet of the Communist Party. That’s why when James O’Keefe and Project Veritas blew the lid off CNN’s Trump-Russia collusion “scandal”, they referred to it as the American Pravda; since CNN is basically the Democratic National Committee, as almost everyone employed by that network has deep ties to the Democratic Party, of course there’ll be nary a scintilla of objectivity, and frankly, with so little daylight, that’s as good as state control. CNN effectively takes its cues from Party Headquarters, and are aided and abetted by their media and entertainment co-conspirators who hew almost entirely Left.

The Fake News meme was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After the major news outlets and Facebook colluded to filter out the kind of “fake news” propagated by “extreme right wingers” on feeds across the United States and potentially points beyond (we know Angela Merkel was caught on a hot mic asking Mark Zuckerberg if Facebook was “working on” the censorship of anti-immigration and “racist” posts by the site’s German users, and Zuckerberg responded in the affirmative), the meme of Fake News was appropriated and deployed to devastating effect by the Right; it subsequently exploded out of the Fever Swamp on the back of a green frog and straight into the White House, where President Donald Trump forever tarred CNN with the ignominious appellation Fake News. Watching an entire network implode after Donald Trump calls them Fake News is like watching a triggered feminist when you question the gender wage gap, and it has been an ongoing delight.

It seems like most of the cable news networks, broadcast networks, and major newspapers are in a race to see who can become the “leaders” in dispensing with journalistic integrity, though CNN currently holds the pole position. CNN is the network closest to oblivion, being absolutely pummeled in the ratings; this is the same group of complete jokes that called the Susan Rice scandal “a distraction”. More specifically, I believe it was Don Lemon, but I get all these Network Gays confused (except for Anderson Cooper—swoon). What Susan Rice did is in fact a scandal; it’s completely galling that this kind of thing can happen in our republic, not some banana one, but like so much other corruption in the Obama administration (and clapping Jesus, was there ever corruption in the Obama administration) the media, to quote Andrew Klavan, “Lay supine in thrall to the color of Barack Obama’s skin”, while Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and company weaponized departments, targeted ideological foes, trashed due process, and made a general mockery of the Constitution. Well, Lynch, Holder, Rice, and Obama are all nominally black (my Cajun ass is darker, but whatever), so I guess that gets you a free pass unless you dare to deviate from the identity politics, like a Larry Elder, in which case you’ll be called an “Uncle Tom” for realizing that voting Democrat is voting against your own interests. 

Most of these mainstream media outlets will find it impossible to come out of this with everything roses, because they’ve been so dishonest for so long. At least MSNBC, as reprehensible as their viewpoints generally are, and FOX are straightforward about their biases and openly acknowledge that they feature opinion-based programming (and FOX actually has some pretty good programming, especially Tucker Carlson Tonight). Given the dynamics at FOX, though much if not most of its on-screen talent leans Right, they may actually be the news network with the most viewpoint diversity, and shows like Carlson’s provide a platform for liberals and conservatives alike to come on and debate the issues. I don’t necessarily want to give The Wall Street Journal a free pass, but I do need to give credit where credit is due, as they are generally much better than their near-neighbors over on Eighth Avenue or Jeff Bezos’s “defenders of democracy” down in DC. How (if) these outlets adapt to the mainstream media apocalypse will ultimately determine their fate, however. What’s most galling about the brazen disregard for journalistic integrity exhibited by the ABCs and Washington Posts of the world is that they’ve used the patina of supposedly established credibility and authority in order to sell their concoction of unfounded accusations, hearsay, and outright fabrication as objective news, and have leaned heavily on each other and the major social media platforms to assist in their censorship and silencing of any opposition.

It’s an old story, though: the big, lumbering army is slowly bled dry by the more nimble guerrilla force that knows the territory and is fighting for home and hearth rather than conquest. Some pundits have bemoaned the fracturing of media into niche outlets, but as in the economy, specialization comes with terrific upside. It will require a different kind of media literacy on our part as consumers to inform our perspectives and shape our understanding of events as they occur, but the benefits of having a plurality of voices, many of whom also do the on-the-ground investigative reporting the major networks do, and often in under-reported areas, are substantial. Most of the new or alternative media sources are also heavily biased, and even those seemingly “down-the-middle” will have some bias because as human beings we can never achieve true objectivity. The myth of objective news reporting is just that—a myth. It’s up to us as consumers to interrogate our sources of information through critical thinking and a learned media literacy to reveal their biases. Speaking of sources, if they’re all anonymous, it’s pretty difficult to lend much credibility to a news story. It will take time to develop these skills, and even the best of us are liable to get fooled, but this is the new reality as the dinosaurs either become chickens or die.

We are witnessing the death throes of a mainstream media that for too long treated itself as an unassailable upper class of its own, divorced from the common rabble in the public as a kind of aristocracy, sprinkling little semi-masticated crumbs of information from their mouths to your ears. The media class belongs to the privileged class of coastal elites: the digital giants, the opinion makers, the intelligentsia. It is in their best interest to control the flow of information to the public and turn them into outrage junkies in order to further their globalist agenda. All of the nonsense about peace and tolerance is a happy-faced mask to hide the fangs underneath.

I’m reminded of one of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “King of Kings” podcast episodes, where the roadside stelae in the Assyrian Empire would depict flayed men and ominous warnings about the perils of rebellion in their ancient form of mass media. Today, “racists” and “xenophobes” are ritualistically sacrificed in the Court of Public Opinion, and their social and financial executions are grave warnings to anyone else who dares step out of line with the general (enforced) consensus.

Nearly every accusation levied by the Leftist media has turned out to be projection. There was open “concern” that Donald Trump and his supporters wouldn’t accept the results of a fairly-conducted election; that there would be targeted violence and unrest in the streets. It’s like the hit television program The Handmaiden’s Tale—they nailed everything except which religion’s theocratic regimes would (do) actually do this in today’s day and age; in the Leftist Bizarro World their rioting and marching and calling for the decapitated head of President Trump is RESISTING TYRANNY, and yet they are the fascists, basically indistinguishable from the Islamic fundamentalists who throw battery acid in women’s uncovered faces in places like Bangladesh and Pakistan and London.

It’s rather ironic that the self-styled members of the Resistance are actually big-government advocates that are in lock-step with the globalist agenda. When local governments, the deep state, the media, the entertainment industry, the education system, and multi-national conglomerates and their Conservatism, Inc. enablers (to use Peter Brimelow’s moniker for the “cucks”) are your friends, who needs enemies? The Resistance is the Establishment, and they’re the ones encroaching on your right to life, liberty, and happiness. The Leftists are the ones criminalizing free speech, they’re the ones calling for violence and genocide (okay some fringe elements on the Right are doing this, too), and they’re the ones calling to STOP THE VIOLENCE while they smash your head in with a bike lock.

Think about it: which side is saying “I want the government to spend responsibly” and “I want to be left the hell alone”, and which side is autistically shrieking, to condense the lyrics of the legendary Black Flag, “Gimme gimme gimme, I need some more, don’t ask what for!”? Which side is de-monetizing content creators on YouTube because the opposition (and even many moderates and liberals who don’t regurgitate the Party Line) took advantage of the platform and came to dominate it? Which side is calling for censorship and hate speech laws and public humiliation? I’m not painting all liberals with the same brush, but the Leftist off-shoot that’s anything but liberal poisons everything with acrimony and invidiousness; their worldview runs on jealousy and spite, and they use the bludgeon of power and control to beat down anyone who dissents or questions their orthodoxy.

The worst media offender in all of this is of course CNN, but that may only be because we don’t know what untold horrors there are lurking behind the desks at ABC or The New York Times. Who knows where the next Fake News bombshell will go off. Most of the industry has been so thoroughly corrupted that nothing would shock me at this point, short of maybe honest journalism.

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