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From Womb to Tomb

From Womb to Tomb

“These days, the American Dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.”-Bernie Sanders

I’d like to test that hypothesis, Bernardo. Last time I checked, Venezuela was on fire, its citizens rioting in the streets, with the country’s trillions in oil wealth flushed down the toilet of lavish public spending, rampant inflation, and gross governmental misuse. Things in Ecuador appear to be following a similar trajectory, and the Argentinian kleptocracy has left the country with a lower GDP than Azerbaijan’s. So the incomes may be more equal, but what does that matter when everyone’s standard of living is bottoming out except for, as ironically always seems to be the case with socialism, the very few. Capitalism produces a natural stratification due to specialization and innovation, among other factors, where in about every example of “real world” socialism I can find, the very rich are artificially made so through confiscatory practices that leave the people impoverished…equally.

The shelf life of a socialist state is a maximum of seventy years. It cannot sustain itself after the energies from the free market of which it’s leeched have been exhausted. In many cases, like the three above, the shelf life is even shorter, with the shelves of Venezuela, indeed, cobwebbed and bare as the people starve. Bernie has said bread lines aren’t so bad, and I’d venture a guess the people of Venezuela would kill to feel the Bern in a bread line right now. Even Denmark, one of “Mr. Science” Bernie Sanders’s favorite examples of a socialist society we should seek to emulate, has distanced itself from that most toxic of labels, with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen stating bluntly: “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy”. That said, Denmark’s massive entitlement program is slowly crippling the country, and the same pattern is being repeated across the Western world, as massive state leviathans crush the average person under their ponderous weight. Market economy or no, the creeping socialism of wealth re-distribution in the form of vast, endless “entitlements” kills innovation and represents legalized theft in the form of taxation abuses. I’m pretty damn far from an economist, and even I know that income equality has nothing to do with the health of an economy.

Countries that embrace free markets are typically those that are most open and prosperous, though this does need to occasion a brief aside regarding certain nuances of globalism and regulations. A borderless world is the Third World, run by a few mega-multi-nationals with the rest of the planet competing for scraps. A wide-open global shopping mall is not what I have in mind in terms of a free market. When I refer to the market system as being the ideal, I’m speaking specifically in the context of each individual nation prioritizing the fiscal health of its own people by setting economic policy on capitalist (not crony capitalist) principles, though of course “pure” capitalism, like any “ism”, needs to be mediated by some compromise—in this case light, reasonable regulation to protect people and the environment. The key is striking the right balance between regulated and unregulated, and though I am certainly not in favor of protectionist policies that artificially prop up dying industries, like the American automotive industry, I also don’t think we should be incentivizing outsourcing and allowing the unions to continue to stagnate every industry and field they touch (including education). I don’t have all the answers, far from it, but what I do know is the private sector almost always reacts more nimbly than the public sector, and the move to centrally planned economies is without a doubt the wrong answer, as has been proven time and time again.

Turning public problems into private solutions is not always ideal, such as the privatization of prisons, which must have a steady supply to meet demand, but with these constraints in mind, less government intervention and regulation by-and-large will result in greater prosperity for a nation. The stultifying effect of unions pushes jobs overseas, and mass unskilled immigration is having a depressive effect on wages in those jobs that are not outsourced. Once again, a responsible solution is needed, whereby immigration is dramatically reduced if not completely curtailed in the American context but for the three sub-categories Carson Gentry named in “The Great White Nope”: Westerners or people from generally pro-Western, compatible cultures who typically have not had difficulty assimilating or being productive members of society (some examples would include Japan, Israel, and South Korea); STEM field experts and workers; and a more nebulous third category allowing for intellectuals, artists, and the like who fall outside the purview of the former two categories in origin and specialization, but are still likely to be invaluable members of society (Ayaan Hirsi Ali was mentioned as a prime example). All three groups of prospective immigrants would need to have a clean bill of health, a clean criminal record, show potential for contributing to either the economic or intellectual enrichment of this country, and pass extreme vetting for ties to extremist groups or ideologies. Some comparable policy would certainly benefit the other Western nations as well.

Diversity for its own sake is asinine. We need people here who are going to contribute and strengthen our country, not suck it dry through boundless entitlements. A much more sensible immigration policy is needed. It is also crucial that, as the American experiment in self-governance was founded on classical antiquity’s principles filtered through the Judeo-Christian tradition of human rights and individualism and the consequent outgrowth of Enlightenment ideals, specifically as they evolved in the European context before crossing the Atlantic, we must try to ensure if not a universal consensus then at least a large majority of people who will respect and ascribe to Western values and traditions in order to preserve the fabric of what defines this country. In an unsure world, this is the most sure guarantor of unbroken governance in keeping with our historical inheritance. 

Since the 1965 Immigration Act, which was consciously instituted to change the demographic fabric of the United States, mass unskilled Third World immigration has flooded the country; if we take a step back, the root of a great many of our problems today can be traced back to this disastrous decision. Our borders are Swiss cheese; what kind of power can we project if we can’t even defend our own borders and screen for potential threats? Mass immigration, coupled with multi-cultural parallelism, is deepening tribalism in this country by the day, and fracturing the consensus on what, exactly, we are as a nation, finding justification in the “citizen of the world” line that attempts to render American exceptionalism anachronistic. And it’s not just the United States that’s fallen victim to the multi-culti disease over the last fifty-plus years, it’s much of the rest of the Western world, too, and the chickens are now coming home to roost. If all cultures are equally prioritized, then all cultures will be equally impoverished.

I do find it curious that everyone else on the planet has a right to self-determination and their own ethno-state except for whites. If that makes me some kind of White Nationalist, so be it, but I’m not against miscegenation or even immigration. I do, however, believe everyone deserves a homeland, and that immigration needs to be advantageous to each individual nation-state with the well-being of its own citizens first and foremost. The “huddled masses” cliché is from an Emma Lazarus sonnet engraved on a bronze plaque and affixed to a wall inside the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal almost two decades after its dedication; it is not sufficient as an immigration policy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: just because Barack Obama used bullshit platitudes to cram socialism down America’s throat and turn it in to, to paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, “some fucking Lebanon”, doesn’t mean we have to accept this as gospel. It’s curious that the anti-religious Left seems so keen for its own paradoxical secular theocracy. No president has done more to fracture the public discourse than Barack Obama, nor to cripple a country that without consistent government meddling could cruise to over 3% growth a year again.

Instead, we’re stuck bearing the ponderous burdens of an obsession with multi-culturalism and destructive welfare programs that incentivize all the worst instincts of a society. The bigger the government, the less self-reliant the people, until life becomes one extended adolescence and no one ever has to grow up, just grow old. Perpetual deference is the new Western condition and it’s killing us. Social security is a Ponzi scheme. When it was launched in the 1930s by then-president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it basically kicked the proverbial can down the proverbial road, so as each generation aged, their children would pick up the tab in the expectation the same would be done for them. The issue is, of course, that this requires an expanding population base that replaces the graying in greater numbers, ad infinitum. This is no longer happening naturally post-Baby Boomer, and so immigrants who actually reproduce are being pumped into the country.

If basically every Western society is at or below replacement-level birth rates, the burden on the young to fund the ponderous entitlement programs for the elderly will become untenable and the entire edifice will come crashing down. What’s more, with “migrant” unemployment at 50% in most European countries, the tax payer is not only getting clobbered on retirement and other “back-end” programs, but they are funding terrorists and fire-breathing imams who are actively trying to undermine and ultimately destroy their societies. 5% of Denmark is Muslim, yet Muslims receive 40% of its welfare payments, and 84% of the migrants in Denmark are unemployed. This is the inverse of what the globalists seemed to be bargaining for when they opened the floodgates. It’s actually rather sickening to watch what can only be described as a real-world Blob consume everything in a society other than the cancerous free radicals who are metastasizing in self-segregated urban ghettoes across the Western world.

Parasitism, multi-culturalism, socialism…eat your heart out.

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