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Dead past / stolen future

Paying for your own demise

“The golden age of defeat
Car lease
High rent
No sleep

Well, things are looking up aren’t they?
Dog parks

It’s easy to be miserable
When you’re waiting too long for your macchiato
And it’s easy to be disagreeable
When you married into all of his problems
And it’s easy to get lost in that
Tip cup on the counter
With a couple bills from the register
No real action there but your futures
Seem simple and tethered

To this golden age of defeat”-
Single Mothers, “Dog Parks”

Crushed under the thumb of our self-styled “betters,” dissidents of all stripes are told to kneel before Mammon and accept their deaths quietly, to allow themselves—their families, friends, children, countrymen, homes, history, race—to be fed into the internationalist neo-liberal oligarchy’s furnace, for it is insatiable and it does not rest. It simply burns. To liberate ourselves and triumph over this wicked anti-order, so, too must we burn:

Their idols.

Away the dead weight of centuries of monstrous lies.

To rise again, higher than ever.

To light the way.

To radiate our love with the intensity of a thousand suns.

The way will wind and the journey will be arduous. The cost will be dear, for it is a dark and savage era, a cruel and corrupted age. Only true strength, love, and iron will can set the present wrongs right and liberate a shackled humanity from the long bestial shadow of Moloch. Our destinies demand it. This is everything.

“Not summer’s bloom lies ahead of us, but rather a polar night of icy darkness and hardness, no matter which group may triumph externally now…When this night shall have slowly receded, who of those for whom spring apparently has blossomed so luxuriously will be alive? And what will have become of all of you by then?”-Max Weber

“What is left to us here under the vast and lonely skies of a continent that our forefathers wrested from the aborigines and, with blood and sweat, made into a mighty nation? We are not yet extinct. We can still reasonably hope that we will leave descendants worthy of our ancestors.”-Revilo P. Oliver