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The Anatomically Correct Banana is a political and cultural commentary website with a view from the Right, though in many ways the traditional political labels are insufficient in the present landscape. I personally do not “identify” as a conservative necessarily. I say necessarily because there are traditions, ideas, and through-lines that are vital to maintain and to conserve, but to opine for days long gone and to use the tactics of yesterday is a waste of time and, as Revilo P. Oliver called this inclination, “an anachronistic absurdity.” Oswald Spengler postulated that we (Western, European-American, or Faustian Civilization) are in the “winter stage.” A cursory evaluation of the world at large confirms such an observation; however disconcerting this may appear, however, it signals an opportunity for new growth. We must re-configure our default set of cultural assumptions regarding “equality,” “democracy,” and the nation-state. Remove neo-liberalism and “liberal democracy” from their arsenal and the whole game changes.

What we are talking about here is a paradigm shift; I am not interested in re-creating political systems that might have worked in the past, but rather to harvest the relevant ideas and ideals for the present and, more importantly, the future. To simply attempt to transfer 1933 or 1789 wholesale is useless and counter-productive, though we must never forget the lessons of history nor neglect the essentials of Western civilization, that is, the foundational without which the whole structure crumbles. I do not believe that the 3,000-year chain of Western civilization is broken and we must not allow it to be broken, though it is in existential peril.

I want to thank you for your loyal readership and for making The Anatomically Correct Banana a resounding success. I am sincerely humbled and flattered that anyone would spend their precious time reading the work I publish here. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you. If you would like to contribute in some fashion to the maintenance costs of this site, or to my podcast The Cocktail Hour (listen here), any donations are greatly appreciated. Those interested may also find my writing at Republic Standard, Defend Europa, Arktos, and Counter-Currents; I am also on The Third Rail podcast—archived episodes can be heard here and here.


-John Q. Publius, Proprietor 

Remember, we are not a nation of immigrants, we are the nation.